Poison Ivy Information

Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac grow almost everywhere in the United States except Alaska, Hawaii and some parts of Nevada.


85% of people are allergic, up to 15% of those are severely allergic and up to 50 million Americans get the rash caused by these poisonous plants each year.

Poison Ivy grows in every U.S. state east of the Rocky Mountains. It can take the form of a climbing vine on trees, a shrub, or even a trailing vine! The leaves can be light or dark green and also take on fall colors.

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These plants are covered in an oily mixture called Urushiol that causes the infamous rash by being absorbed into your skin.  The oil is notorious for being hard to get rid of. Sticking to your clothes, discs, tools and bags for years.

Fortunately, Aitex is designed to easily remove this oily irritant. 

Poison Oak

Poison Oak grows in every state west of the Rock Mountains - including British Columbia. It can take many forms, usually a woody vine or shrub. The leaves can be green, red or orange.

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Poison Sumac

Poison Sumac primarily is found east of the Mississippi River. It's more toxic than Poison Ivy or Oak and takes the form of a shrub or small tree. Like most plants it's green but can also take on fall colors. 

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